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The Bodarks

The Bodarks are “a genre-creating string band...that's developed its own unique Americana music,” says Buddy Magazine.  Selected as a Shiner Rising Star finalist in its first year (2013), the Dallas-area band was described by SRS judge Donnie Nelson as having “all kinds of cool elements from bluegrass to ragtime.”  And Chuck Taylor of KHYI 95.3FM likened them to Old Crow Medicine Show, Pokey LaFarge, and The Avett Brothers.  Members of The Bodarks have worked with such artists as Gary Clark, Jr., The Asylum Street Spankers, Brave Combo, and Milo Deering (multi-instrumentalist for The Eagles), and the band has side-staged for Kansas, Pat Benatar, Lincoln Durham, The O’s, Wade Bowen, [...]


Zach Coffey

To say that Zach Coffey is different from most young country musicians would be an understatement. How many others sang opera in college? Not only is his musical background different, but so is his approach to his performances. Consider one of the mantras he shares with the members of his band. “People are here on their free time to see us work — it’s an escape from the work week. Make it worth their time.” “They worked all week, and this is their night off. They chose to come here, so let it be a vacation for them,” Coffey says. [...]


Kevin Deal

Time was – and not so long ago–that country was strictly working man’s music. Working women, too, of course–and we’re talking hard work here. Knuckle-busting, foot flattening, slow-to-get-up, work that has ya leaving (and returning) home in the dark in a dinged-up pickup truck that’s actually used to haul things. And then, figuring out which overdue bill gets paid next. Yep, time was it was working man’s music – in Kevin Deal’s case, it still is. Deal, a Lone Star State stone contractor who put his musical dreams on the back-burner for more than a decade while he busted tail [...]


Melissa Ratley

For Melissa Ratley, that’s an easy question.  It’s songwriting and singing. It’s simply playing for friends and family, or performing in front of a crowd, no matter the size or setting.  Once you hear Melissa’s voice for the first time, you’re instantly reminded of neotraditional voices like Reba and Wynonna Judd, along with Trisha Yearwood, Patty Loveless, and Kathy Mattea, and you can hear the songwriting influence of Mary Chapin Carpenter and Deana Carter in her songs.  As Melissa puts it, music is power, drive and creating a symbiotic relationship with the audience. Born in San Ramon, California, Melissa didn’t [...]


Mark Shelton & The Greater Good

Honest.... Authentic.... Genuine. These are the words that begin to describe the songs and stories of Mark Shelton. As a songwriter, he pens lyrics that stir emotions and cut to the heart of the story, then couples them with music that add to the feeling of the song. Whether a stark and simple song about the real life situations that we all go through, or the rousing, almost raucous style of good times and, sometimes unfortunately, the morning after consequences, Mark's main objective of his music is summed up in one simple statement: "Make 'em feel it". Mark is simply [...]


The Wicks

We're a Soul/Folk Band that moved from our Homeland to the Heartland. Jedidiah first heard Pauline sing from the balcony of an old renovated barn. For him, it was love at first listen. He told her, “You were made for this,” and soon they became one another’s biggest fans, and husband and wife. In 2011, Jedidiah and Pauline found themselves in L.A. recording their first EP and since then, have found their gritty, perfectly imperfect soul-folk music – geared to “Light up the Dark” – has resounded in the hearts of many from the PNW to the great state of [...]


Crystal Yates

Crystal Yates was listening to a sermon at Cross Timbers Church in Argyle when she had a musical epiphany. "Stop trying to separate the secular and sacred by treating everything as sacred," implored the pastor, Toby Slough. It was then that the country singer-songwriter from McKinney realized her love of songwriting didn’t require her to compartmentalize her audience or subject matter. It's had a profound effect on how she approached her music — country, spiritual or otherwise. “If I were a doctor, I wouldn't just treat the people who thought and behaved just like me. I would treat anyone," says Yates. [...]